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Erosion monitoring using time-series of ultra-high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

Soil erosion is widespread and affecting millions of hectares of land. Detailed information about the underlying processes at a high level of precision is required to take appropriate erosion control actions. However, erosion starts very locally and information at high spatial resolution is required. Flying Sensors allows for analysis to ensure effective measures are taken to mitigate erosion damage.

The Flying Sensors of HiView in combination with the advanced analysis software can create very detailed digital elevation models showing the source of erosion. Moreover, by using a series of DEMs at specific times the progression of erosion can be monitored.


2014 - Spain

HiView used Flying Sensors (drones, uav) to detect erosion in the Segura Basin in South-Eastern Spain.

2016 & 2020 - the Netherlands

Commissioned by Natuurmonumeten, HiView provided the nature conservation organization with detailed digital elevation models.

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