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HiView Team

David Borgman.jpg

David Borgman MSc.

Forestry expert

David is a forestry expert with substantial experience in sustainable forest management. At HiView he uses Flying Sensor technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of forests management. He also works at Borgman Beheer Forestry Consultants, as a director.


Martijn de Klerk MSc.

Flying Sensor Expert

Martijn is a Flying Sensor expert with over four years of working experience in managing and executing international projects in the fields of water management, irrigation and agriculture. Over the past years Martijn had a predominant role as project manager of the ThirdEye projects in Mozambique, Kenya and Ghana.


Stein Droogers MSc.

Financial Manager

Stein combines his HiView activities with his master studies on economic policy at Utrecht University. Stein is responsible for all the administrative and financial tasks within HiView. Stein: “The projects HiView undertakes are extremely relevant for all who require spatial data at their specific location and time!”


Dr. Johannes Hunink

Water and Remote Sensing expert

Dr. Johannes Hunink is a hydrologist with fourteen years of experience in decision support studies for water resources management. He has advanced skills in the use of simulation models and remote sensing for the impact evaluation of climate adaptation investment portfolios, flood and drought mitigation interventions, and water-related ecosystem-services assessments.


Jan van Til MA.

Operational Manager

Jan has obtained experiences with various Flying Sensors over the last ten years. Jan combined his HiView activities with his career as musician at ChanteLaVie . Jan: “The current development in Flying Sensors enables HiView to provide data and information at an unprecedented level of quality!”

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