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Near-real time high resolution flood monitoring to asses damage and monitor its effects on vegetation.

Detailed information on the extent an area is flooded is often needed for fast response actions and for damage estimation. Near-real time high-resolution flood monitoring is made possible through the application of drones. Satellite remote sensing is often hampered by clouds, and resolution and timing are often not appropriate. Ground observations are limited by access conditions of flooded areas.

HiView’s Flying Sensors are available at any time after a flooding event. In combination with HiView’s appropriate software accurate maps of affected areas can be produced. Moreover, the Flying Sensors are not hampered by clouds.


2016 - Breemwaard, the Netherlands

In combination with Utrecht University, HiView contributed to a study to record the dynamics in floodplain vegetation over a growing season.

2014-2015 - Untied Kingdom

HiView contributed to a feasibility study initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) by monitoring vegetation, elevation and water quality.

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