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World Scoop Hulshorsterzand

June 15, 2020

In April-May 2020 HiView has performed flight missions and image processing for Natuurmonumenten, the biggest nature conservation association in the Netherlands.

At stake was the shifting sands of Hulshorsterzand, which are part of the Veluwe forest. Netherlands contains relatively important shifting sand areas. This type of terrain is constantly changing, due to soil & weather conditions and, as of lately, to climate change. In 2016 HiView committed the first monitoring missions over three large areas (5 km2 in total) and in 2020 exactly the same flights were repeated. The aim of the assignment was to retrieve the size and direction of the shifting of the sand. After preparing the DSM (Digital Surface Model) a comparison was executed with the DSM from 2016, resulting in the height difference map below.

We think we might have a global scoop with this specific item. We know of similar research concerning dunes, but no such a specific change detection operation based on Flying Sensor images has been executed yet, as we know of.

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