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September 18, 2019

During the spring of 2019, HiView participated in a Drone Demo day organized by The Dutch Forest and Nature reserve owners association (VBNE). The day was initiated to bring together the leading organizations and experts on the use of drone technology for nature conservancy purposes. Our operational manager Jan van Til was present to demonstrate the capabilities of HiView's Flying Sensors. Additionally, our forestry expert David Borgman gave a presentation on the use of Flying Sensors for forest biomass estimations. The use of Flying Sensors to estimate biomass has enormous potential. It vastly reduces the time necessary to map the terrain and identify vegetation types.

The day started with a presentation on the use of drones equipped with thermal cameras to track deers. The aim was to prevent mowing accidents with calves at a nature conservation park in the Netherlands. Another presentation showed the innovative usability of drones to identify bird colonies.

The second part of the day was a field visit to the Veluwe national park. Here Jan van Til demonstrated a Flying Sensor flight with the objective to estimate forest biomass.

The event illustrated the vast possibilities of drones for nature conservation. The positive impact that drones can have on flora & fauna makes us at HiView very excited for the future.

VBNE published a report of the day that can be found here (in Dutch).

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