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2018-2022, Kenya & Ghana

The TWIGA-project provides actionable geo-information on weather, water, and climate in Africa through innovative combinations of new in situ sensors and geo-data.

2018-2021, Mozambique

To increase climate resilient agricultural (water) productivity and food security, with a specific objective to increase the water productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in Mozambique, prioritizing small (family sector) farmers to increase food and nutritional security.

2014-2019, Mozambique & Kenya

The ThirdEye project supports farmers in Mozambique and Kenya with their decision making in farm and crop management by setting up a network of flying sensors operators.

2016-2017, the Netherlands

In collaboration with Airinov, HiView executed over a hindered flights over potato and wheat fields throughout the Netherlands.

2014-2015, United Kingdom

HiView contributed to a feasibility study initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) by monitoring vegetation, elevation and water quality.



2018 - the Netherlands

Mapping the forest canopy of several nature reserves in Drenthe to support forestry maintenance.

2016 - the Netherlands

Vegetation mapping for the Leusderheide heath area to support forestry maintenance.

2016 - the Netherlands

In combination with Utrecht University, HiView contributed to a study to record the dynamics in floodplain vegetation over a growing season.

2013 - Nepal

Research project on the dynamics of glaciers in the Himalayas caused by climate change.

2014 - Nepal

HiView and The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) have executed a cryospheric monitoring project in two glacierised catchments in Nepal.

2014 - Spain

HiView used Flying Sensors (drones, uav) to detect erosion in the Segura Basin in South-Eastern Spain.

2016 & 2020 - the Netherlands

Commissioned by Natuurmonumeten, HiView provided the nature conservation organization with detailed digital elevation models.

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