• Glacier Monitoring

    Glacier monitoring

    Glacial melt and flow velocity

  • Crop monitoring

    Crop monitoring

    Vegetation and crop inventories at ultra-high resolutions

  • Near-infrared


    By using HiView’s near-infrared Flying Sensors imagery, early-warning crop stress can be detected over entire farms and fields.

  • High resolution

    High resolution

    HiView's Flying Sensors can deliver resolutions up to 2 cm

Welcome to HiView 

HiView supports professionals by providing data, information and services based on ultra-high resolution imageries obtained by Flying Sensors.

HiView deploys a range of platforms on which various sensors (both in the visible and non-visible parts of the spectrum) can be mounted. Raw data is converted to information using various state-of-the-art software packages. Information is transferred to knowledge by our highly qualified scientific staff.

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